Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Progress Update

I'm at Bear Lake this week, but I have time for a quick, personal update. (SO EXCITING I KNOW.)

So, as you can see by my progress bars, I'm done with my THE SONG OF SAGRIN (tSoS) outline, and will probably start drafting the manuscript after my vacation, no later than Monday. It's always strange for me to shift from editing mode back into drafting mode, and I'm clueless as to my first line (though I already wrote down the first line of the query. I'm getting a little ahead of myself). The outline is 20 pages; I'm hoping the book won't go overboard on word count.

I finished my revisions for CITY OF TEETH on Monday and sent it out to beta readers, and I've already gotten one response back. :) The book is 99% complete on the progress bars since I need to integrate my beta feedback before I query, but beta feedback usually involves quick edits. Maybe I'll draft some queries before I get back to Salt Lake.

In other news, I went to the Minnetonka Cave today. It was really neat! If any of y'all ever go to Bear Lake, check it out. Also went swimming and ate too much food.

Random thing I learned today: a cave has only one entrance, whereas a cavern has two.

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  1. Congrats on the outline! Good luck on the draft.

  2. That's a beautiful picture!

    You know, I've heard it suggested that you write the query before the MS. A query is the bones of the book- the most important stuff- and by the time the MS is finished we have all these details swimming around in our heads. It makes it difficult to write a good query :)

    1. I really like that idea! I'll have to try that in the future.

  3. p.s. Congrats on finishing your outline!!


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