Monday, December 21, 2015

This Year's Christmas Comes with an Announcement...

...of the non-writing variety.


Baby Holmberg #2 is due July 8th, 2016! First ultrasound is TODAY.

Now for me to post all the pregnancy-related tweets I wanted to send over the last two months:

Eating is getting REALLY annoying.

I just bought these nice new bras and now I don't fit into them anymore. I know, no one feels bad for me.

Today is barely giving me a break. Sick. Must edit. Must . . . sick. #sickface

I'm really starting to hate eating, and I'm an American.

Good heavens I can not edit this scene while I'm pregnant. I am horrified by my own morbid ideas. Did I have to use the word "Chunky"?

Reading is, so far, the best anti-nausea, because I don't think about it when I'm sucked into another world. But we're still going to try Emetrol.

Emetrol, Emetrol. Nausea calls? Emetrol. Does it taste like cough syrup? Yes it does, but don't spit it. Look out! Here comes the Emetroooooollllll!

Is sneezing a pregnancy symptom? I sneeze all the time, now...

Who am I kidding? EVERYTHING is a pregnancy symptom

Nothing like eating a burrito smothered in hot sauce at 10:30 PM...

I morph from good to bad so quickly. PITY ME.

Anyone want to come be my butler? I just need fridge runs and frequent bed-pan changes.

EVERYONE PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT FOOD. (This one was for Thanksgiving week. I ate potatoes.)

This has been a good weekend! Minimal nausea! Woooo!

Oh look. Crackers. Again.

Baby Center just sent me a slideshow of pregnancy sex positions...

This is almost literally puberty all over again. #acne #butmyboobslooknice

Anyway. Merry Christmas/(C)Hannukah/Kwanza/Solstice/Whathaveyou and a happy New Year! 

Hopefully my next post will detail a release date and/or a cover for Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet.* :)

*Though in edits the main character's name is now spelled "Maire." #random