Thursday, November 9, 2017

Sold! VEINS OF GOLD to Mirror Press!

I'm very happy to announce my "black horse" book, Veins of Gold, will be releasing with Mirror Press, publisher of the Timeless Romance anthologies, next year! Release date TBA.

I started writing Veins of Gold in January of 2016. It's a historical romantic fantasy (there's a genre-cluster-cuss for you) set in my native home state... before it was a state. I drafted it, revised it, revised it again, revised it again . . . and sent it off to a new publisher, where it inevitably sat on a desk for nearly a year before being rejected (yes, bestsellers can be rejected. It sucks. But to be frank, I think everyone needs a reality check [aka humbling moments] every once in a while).

But this niche story was not meant to die. I'm thrilled to be trying my hand at something different with Mirror Press. It will be an adventure, and I very much hope you all will love Veins of Gold as much as I do.

So, what is it about? Let me tell you.

Gentry and her siblings might not survive. Abandoned by their father for the gold rush, they are left alone in the inhospitable west. Desert heat and swarms of locust kill Gentry's meager crops, and strange earthquakes open putrid geysers beneath burning dust.

An accidental enchantment opens Gentry's eyes to the horrifying world of magic that hides in the desert: shapeless shadows and bubbling souls. The mysterious Winn rescues her from the onslaught—a man who not only sees the magic, but controls it by feeding it the very thing her father left to acquire: gold.

Winn shows Gentry wonders she was once blind to and whisks her away on the wings of seagulls. But as the weeks pass and Gentry receives no word nor money from her father, she must consider what will feed her starving family—the whimsy of Winn's spirit, or an offer of marriage from a well-off man she does not love?

But even a new husband won’t settle the earth’s unrest. Greed-driven mining in California is causing unnatural phenomena back home, and even Winn might not have enough magic to stop it.

I have so much to look forward to in 2018! First, the release of The Plastic Magician, which has one of my favorite protagonists EVER. Then Veins of Gold, and the year will end gearing up for These Ethereal Chains (working title), the first book in my *new* trilogy, which I honestly think is the best story I've ever written.