Friday, July 26, 2019


The contract is signed, the ink has dried, and we can finally talk about Spellbreaker. And how it’s book 1 of a two-book deal sold to 47North!
Spellbreaker and its sequel, Spellmaker, are adult historical fantasies in the same vein as The Paper Magician. Clean reads, late Victorian era, and of course Charlie’s signature romantic flare.
So what is Spellbreaker about? 
In Victorian England, there are two kinds of wizards: those rich enough to make spells and the rare few born with the ability to break them.
Elsie Camden is a spellbreaker who can pull apart enchantments like the threads of a knot—a fact she learned when she started a workhouse fire at the age of ten. Now twenty-one, Elsie divides her time between serving her beloved employer tea and secretly breaking spells that oppress the common man—she always did love the tale of Robin Hood.
When her clandestine activities are uncovered by a maddening-yet-handsome Barbadian spellmaker named Bacchus Kelsey, he cuts her a deal—work for him on the side and he won’t report her illegal spellbreaking to the authorities. Elsie agrees. Meanwhile, the world of magic is in an uproar over the theft of magicians’ opuses—the priceless spells left behind upon a spellmaker’s death. Working for one spellmaker and falling for another, it won’t take long before the murderous bandit strikes too close to home, and Elsie discovers a shockingly personal connection to the crimes.