Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Gifts for the Writers in Your Life (GIVEAWAY)

Fabulous editor and personal friend Kristy G. Stewart is offering special snail-mailed cards with every 50-page critique purchased from her in the month of December. You can use the critiques any time—buying now reserves some of her time for you next year. And in the spirit of Christmas, she’s giving away a critique and a card for freesies!


Are you struggling to find a perfect holiday gift for the writer(s) in your life? Or, as the writer in your life, do you need some extra Christmas cheer? A professional critique of the first 50 pages of a novel is a seriously supportive gift, whether for yourself or someone you care about. Comment on this post before December 9 at 11:55 PM MST to be entered into a drawing to win one! You can keep it for yourself or gift it to someone you care about, and you get your choice of the gray or green card to accompany it.

And if you don’t win, you can always buy one at Looseleaf Editorial & Production’s online store.

Monday, November 7, 2016

RUINED IN RETRIBUTION by Valia Lind Cover Reveal (Titanium Series, Book Three)

Releases December 7th!

Gone. Gone. Gone.
For the past two months, it has taken all of Logan’s determination to just keep going. Losing Tasia to Kallos Enterprises shattered his world, but he is not about to give up on what she had started.
Together with her family, Logan works to destroy the company that ruined their lives. The corporation is growing bigger and stronger by the minute, weaponizing the drug and selling it to the highest bidder. But that’s not the only hurdle to overcome. Logan’s past is catching up to him, and the time has come to pay. His family’s secrets are unraveling everything he has built for himself and now, Logan is fighting on multiple fronts.
Save Tasia. Destroy Kallos Enterprises. Stay alive.
Such a simple list, such an impossible mission.
Time is running out and Logan is left with one question: can he save them all?

You can preorder Ruined in Retribution by Valia Lind here.

Add it to your Goodreads list here.


Book one in the Titanium series, Pieces of Revenge, is currently FREE! Pick it up on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Smashwords.


Author. Photographer. Artist. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, Valia Lind has always had a love for the written word. She wrote her first full book on the bathroom floor of her dormitory, while procrastinating to study for her college classes. Upon graduation, she has moved her writing to more respectable places, and have found her voice in Young Adult fiction. You can visit her online at or follow her on twitter, where she spends way too much time, @ValiaLind.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Short Story in Deep Magic Ezine (October 2016)

The next issue of Deep Magic comes out in a week, and yours truly has a short story in it!

The story, "Salt and Water," is the same that was in the My Bloody Valentine anthology, which is no longer available. The new an improved version will be released in the above issue. There will also be an interview with the best literary agent in the world--Marlene Stringer.

Check it out!


Special note: I'm much better at posting updates about books, appearances, and fun tidbits on my Facebook page, so if you're looking for those, head over there!

Monday, October 10, 2016

New Book for LDS Families by Benjamin Hyrum White and Jay Pontano

Special note: I'm much better at posting updates about books, appearances, and fun tidbits on my Facebook page, so if you're looking for those, head over there!


So remember that time I reviewed a book for one of my seminary teachers? Well, he's at it again with another LDS children's book called Defenders of the Family.

It's a simple and cute book aimed at kids around four to ten years old, and it's basically a colorful and simplified version of The Family: A Proclamation to the World. The artist has a unique style and did a great job including diversity among the book's pages. All in all, a nice little read for conservative Christian families.

You can find the book on Amazon or at select Utah/Idaho/Arizona Costco stores.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hayley Stone's MACHINATIONS Is Now Available!

Perfect for fans of Robopocalypse, this action-packed science-fiction debut introduces a chilling future and an unforgettable heroine with a powerful role to play in the battle for humanity’s survival.

The machines have risen, but not out of malice. They were simply following a command: to stop the endless wars that have plagued the world throughout history. Their solution was perfectly logical. To end the fighting, they decided to end the human race.

A potent symbol of the resistance, Rhona Long has served on the front lines of the conflict since the first Machinations began—until she is killed during a rescue mission gone wrong. Now Rhona awakens to find herself transported to a new body, complete with her DNA, her personality, even her memories. She is a clone . . . of herself.

Trapped in the shadow of the life she once knew, the reincarnated Rhona must find her place among old friends and newfound enemies—and quickly. For the machines are inching closer to exterminating humans for good. And only Rhona, whoever she is now, can save them.

Praise for Machinations:

"A tension-filled story of loss, loyalty, and forgiveness, with abundant Terminator-style shoot-em-up scenes and a snarky, kickass female warrior. I inhaled it!”
Jennifer Foehner Wells, bestselling author of Fluency

“This violent, bloody, romantic tale is full of awesome mechanical foes and authentic characters you love or hate, like real people . . . The nuances of the title promise more than meets the eye, and the prose delivers.”
- Perihelion

“An SF techno-thriller with heart and soul.”
Alex Bledsoe, author of The Hum and the Shiver

Machinations is an action-packed SF thriller loaded with fantastic characters and gut-wrenching emotional twists. [. . .] The prose is stunning, the action is non-stop.”
Linnea Sinclair, RITA Award-winning author of Gabriel’s Ghost

Machinations is a thrilling fusion of action and heartbreak, with quick pacing, rich characters, and a one-of-a-kind story. A great debut.”
G.T. Almasi, author of Blades of Winter

Order your copy of Machinations today!

And don’t forget to add it to your Goodreads!


Hayley Stone has lived her entire life in sunny California, where the weather is usually perfect and nothing as exciting as a robot apocalypse ever happens. When not reading or writing, she freelances as a graphic designer, falls in love with videogame characters, and analyzes buildings for velociraptor entry points. She holds a bachelor’s degree in history and a minor in German from California State University, Sacramento.

Machinations is her debut novel from Hydra/Random House. Its sequel, Counterpart, releases October 11th, 2016.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

It's Time for Pitch Wars 2016! My Mentor Wishlist

It’s that time again!

AKA my opportunity to give back to the writing community (thanks, Brenda!).

Before going on, please note a change! This year I am mentoring young adult and new adult, not adult. (But there are some boss people taking on the adult submissions!)

So, What am I looking for?

I am a lover of fantasy, especially if it has romance in it. I also like romantic historicals.

For simplicity's sake, here's a list:
  • Romantic fantasy
  • Paranormal romance
  • Epic/high fantasy
  • Dark fantasy
  • Urban fantasy*
  • Magical realism
  • Historical fantasy
  • Historical romance

For *urban fantasy, I need a really unique concept. I’m not a fan of supernatural crime-fighting (and there is a LOT of supernatural crime-fighting out there). I'm also not a good mentor for Tolkien-esque stories (if your book has elves in it, I’m passing) or “cliché creature” stories—dragons, vampires, werewolves, etc. Lastly, please note that I’m not taking on science fiction this year.

More About Me:

I was told to include a picture
on this post. Ta da.
I'm a writer (obviously), a Trekkie, a mom, and a Mormon. I have an unhealthy obsession with eyeglasses. I wrote  The Paper Magician series, Followed by Frost, and Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet. I'm a traditionally published author currently with 47North, which is the speculative fiction imprint of Amazon Publishing. I'm agented by Marlene Stringer and am a member of the RWA.

Why submit to me? (AKA that awkward part of this post where I have to talk about how great I am.):

I'm an Amazon- and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. I actually have a degree in editing. I'm super good with semicolons. I'm also internationally published and don't have a day job (minus taking care of two kids!). ;)

I got my agent through old-fashioned cold-querying and my successes through a lot of luck. I am the epitome of not special, so I know how to work the system if you're not special, either. ;) I'm good with queries and know what works and what doesn't. This year my novel Followed by Frost was a RITA finalist in the young adult category. I also recently sold the rights to The Paper Magician series to Disney, so hopefully I’m doing something right.

Still not sure if I'm the mentor for you? Here are some of my favorite books so you can get a feel for what I like:
  • An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir
  • Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier+
  • Keturah and Lord Death by Martine Leavitt
  • Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge
  • I Am NOT a Serial Killer by Dan Wells
  • The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater
  • Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder+
  • Howl’s Moving Castle by Dianna Wynne Jones
  • Dragonsworn series by Caitlyn McFarland+

+(For reference, I consider these books to fall into the NA category.)

Questions? Don't hesitate to tweet me! @CNHolmberg


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Monday, July 11, 2016

Sold! Book #6... Possible 2017 Release!

In the wake of Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet's release, I am ecstatic to tell you I've sold another book.

And the best part is that it's not even written yet!







Well, it's partially written. And will be done by my deadline. RIGHT CHARLIE??

ANYWAY, the book has been sold to 47North, and the working title is KEEPER OF THE DOLLS, which is also the name of a doll shop, which is one of the reasons it needs to change. And yes, it's another standalone! #seriesarehard

Here's a quick and dirty pitch for those who are curious:

After discovering a room full of matryoshka dolls wearing the faces of her village, a woman learns she may be trapped inside one--but unraveling the sorcery carved into each doll unleashes dark consequences that rip her from the only home she remembers.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments. :)