Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love/Hate Poetry Contest

I got this email today from the people who run Word of Mouth, a podcast on behalf of the English (or humanities?) department:

Hi Charlie,

Congratulations! Your poem placed in the top 5 entries for the Love/Hate poetry contest. Your poem will be featured on the show and you will receive a Word of Mouth t-shirt.

We were recording your entry today in the sound booth, and want to make sure we pronounce your last name correctly. Is it pronounced like "------?"

Rebecca Peterson
Podcast manager

I was pretty happy to get this email, ha. I entered for kicks and giggles—I’m not much of a poet. The poem I sent in I actually wrote as a freshman three years ago, dedicated to my second creative writing teacher at BYU. (Here’s looking at you, Hatch.) I always thought it was the best hate poem I ever composed, so I figured, why not?

I’m not positive when the podcast is running… perhaps the 13th? But the link is here.

And here’s the poem for those who want to gander:

To a Teacher I Never Liked

Oh swallowed piece,
Your name is oil to the tongue.
A pole-less fence, gutterbug,
chicken bait. A glazed
mothgut I
dread to visit.

You peek and spy about—
what color tints your bottle specs?
Not rose, nor white, but grey
Lightless. A

Dumb face
and molting scalp,
what use are you?
Fish strings for floss,
a bucket-house or cactus shoe.

…can you?
Spare me digestive scars.
Suck a wood block
and suppose to make a difference.

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