Friday, May 21, 2010

Commissioned Art

My friend Sara held a random drawing a couple weeks back to do a free commission. (I had her do a commission for me a while back for a story I almost finished.*) And, lo and behold, my name was drawn. Cue me being ecstatic.

I had a one-character limit, which meant no cool book scenes or group pictures. Obviously I was going to choose between a character from CSH or TR. And, though I have near-exact references for him, I almost asked her to do a portrait of Flad, one of CSH’s two protagonists (and my favorite character, personally). But, in the end, I chose a simple picture of Esrov, the protagonist for TR (which is currently at chapter five). I chose him over the other TR characters in part because I have no references of him whatsoever.

So yeah. I’m excited. I’ll post a link to the picture here when it’s done.

On a side note, I really hate how the soap in the break room makes my hands smell.

*This story is The Prayer of Haradis, which was not only my first attempt at adult fantasy, but at romantic fantasy. The entire story is told over about ten years and is written out of chronological order. It had a lot of weak points, but before The Oracle Seals, TPH was the closet I’d ever come to finishing a novel. Someday I might come back to it and revamp, perhaps. I like the title, lol. It had less emphasis on magic and more emphasis on creatures, hence the centaur in the picture.

The picture is of Fayf and Ramus, the two main characters from TPH.

Though, in all honesty, the harpies were my favorite. :D

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