Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

I have this scene I am dying to write, and it keeps getting pushed back! Granted, I could just WRITE it now and go back to the scenes before it, but that just feels wrong, somehow. But this scene is one of my big reveals with one of my favorite characters and it’s driving me nuts that I still haven’t gotten to it. (Whilst writing today I realized I needed to add another scene into chapter 21 to make the story work, so I probably won’t get to said-awesome-scene until Tuesday.)

In non-writing related news, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and since I’m married I actually give a crap, so I’m excited. :D I always loved V-day in elementary school, but from junior high to age 20 I didn’t care for it. What’s the point if you can’t decorate card boxes* and mooch candy off all your peers? (Or if you don’t ever seem to have a boyfriend come February? XD)

So yeah. Exchanging gifts (won’t say more in case husband reads this before tomorrow) and going out to a restaurant that doesn’t do reservations, so here’s hoping there isn’t a huge line.

Also, excuse the excessive amount of emoticons in this blog. I feel empty without them.

Excerpt a la day:
(This is from a short story that didn’t turn out how I wanted it to. My attempt at writing third-person objective.)

Mark asked, “So what does it do?”

“It’s a pain-killer, loosely speaking,” the doctor explained. “Though it’s closer to an anti-depressant. It triggers receptors in the brain, calms the emotional stress that builds there. Capacium is focused mainly towards those suffering with post-partum and stress onslaught—conditions considered to be temporary.”

Mark scoffed.

“If you’re interested, I have a questionnaire for you to fill out. Then there’s an interview, an in-depth checkup, and a 24-hour brain monitoring session. Based on what I know about you, Mark, you’re a valid candidate.”

As Prescribed, page 1

*BTW, in 5th grade my handy-man dad helped me make an “ATM” machine for my V-day cards. It had a hand crank and two foaming rollers that would suck the card into the box. I was totally the coolest kid in class that day. :D


  1. It's probably good to not rush to write the fun part; it'll keep you coming back to finish your word count. Plus I often find, when I do skip ahead, that I change a bunch of details or plain don't like how I wrote the scene before and usually end up redoing the whole thing.

  2. I've been there, and I don't jump ahead for the same reason as Danny--too much can change. Have fun!

    Hope your Valentine's Day was awesome. I had a few of them in early college that I really hated for the same reasons. Let's rub single people's faces in it, shall we? I'm happy to have a lifelong valentine now, and I try to be conscious of single friends.

    Your ATM box sounds awesome, by the way!