Friday, January 27, 2012

Link Blitz

I'm having a tea party today.

With tea. And tea sandwiches. And crackers. I'm excited.

I'm having a tea party because my husband is hosting a Nerf war at the church.

Onto the links . . .

Writer's Potpourri:

January Query Time: What It's Not

January Query Time: What Not to Include

Pitching to an Agent

Cardboard Cutouts Make Rotten Villains

On the Fine Art of Titling

8 Tips for Making the Most of Your Writing Time

Trust Thyself (Writer's block)

4 Techniques for Creating Believable Villains

When You Are a Beginning Writer, the Keyword is Focus

How to Make Your Novel's First 50 Pages Stand Out

Other Babble:

Girls in Gowns (YA book cover trends)

21 Pictures of Cats on Glass

Fighting Girl Clothes (How do the costumes these women-warriors are given in video games actually hold up in battle?)


  1. Love the links but I must say you ROCK because of that Immersion video. I laughed. A lot. I mean a whole lot. But I did have something reinforced for me that is often skimmed over: Girl's fashion for some of those video games really tumbles into male fan service. lol!!!

  2. Wow! Great links! Off to check out a couple. Thanks!

  3. Thassa whole lotta jigglin'!

  4. My roommate LOVES tea parties and she has had a couple. Next time you have one, you MUST have cucumber sandwiches. They are extremely delicious :)

  5. I'm going to check out the post on titles. That's something I always need help with!

  6. Hope you enjoyed the tea party. Sounds like fun.