Thursday, January 23, 2014

THE PAPER MAGICIAN Is Now Available for Preorder!


You can preorder my novel, The Paper Magician, on Amazon now. It doesn't have a cover* yet, but it's there. As in a real book. As in, If other people can see this URL, then all this is really happening and I'm not making it up.

I feel very lucky and very humbled that my writing is beginning to really bloom. A big thank you to everyone who's tagged along on this journey (not that it's even close to being over yet, or so I hope!).

You can preorder the Kindle ebook or the paperback if you're interested! The book is scheduled for release July 8th, 2014. :D

Happy days.

*This will hopefully be changing soon!


  1. Interesting. It means you're publisher is on top of its game...and you've gotten some pre-sales, both Kindle and Print :)

  2. Congrats I'm so happy for you. I can see the site.

  3. Awesome! I pre-ordered, can't wait 'til I get it! 6 months...sigh... :)

  4. Congratulations! That's absolutely awesome. ^_^ Hope it goes better than you could have hoped.


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