Monday, April 21, 2014

#WIPmadness Check-In for April, Number Three

Publishing is like waiting for Christmas morning . . . only you don't know what day Christmas is on.

Writing involves a lot of waiting. Waiting to finish the manuscript, waiting on queries, waiting on editors, waiting for publication . . . needless to say, being a writing requires a great deal of patience. BUT, it's always worth the wait!

How are your projects ticking away? What are you waiting for?


  1. Halfway through reading my rough draft of the second book in my goddess series. Finished revision but putting aside for another month or so then hope this next round this summer will be the last one!

  2. Waiting for the narrator to send for proofing the next to last story for my short story collection--so it can be released as an audiobook.

    Waiting for return edits on my novel to be released in June.

    Waiting to see the cover art for said novel to be released in June.

    Saw the updated spread sheet for royalties today, now waiting for my the USPS to deliver the check.

    There are a couple more, but yes, Charlie, there is *a lot* of waiting in publishing. I just try to keep writing. Keeping busy and all of the other stuff will show in good time.

  3. I don't think of it as much as waiting as constant diversion. Always trying to sink my mind into new projects to forget about those that are in other people's hands. It's always when I look back and realize I've been waiting on a contract for over six months or some such nonsense, that I think of it as actual waiting.

    Finished up my draft of a screenplay this weekend. It's WAY too long, but that will get fixed on the next round.

  4. Oh, writer problems... haha

    And for some of us, waiting for that news just means we're further along on the writing journey and closer to living the dream!

    First off, mea culpa. I zoned on the check-ins. I think I misread a tweet about us taking a break this month and didn't check the HootSuite feed again for updates.

    I get antsy when I wait and my mind keeps buzzing so in the interim, heck, even if I'm in the middle of a project, I've always got some idea, a spark, ready to ignite in my brain.

    Alas, I'm also currently waiting for my sister's guest to leave on Wednesday to reclaim the house and more concentrated writing time. It's nice and all to entertain guests but it's been a long and tricky week to squeeze in the words. Plus, I've just moved into the new place and haven't had a chance to fully enjoy it yet.

    Hope everyone has a great week ahead.

  5. Waiting. I'm waiting for so many things I hardly know. Mostly I'm waiting for next fall when both the kids will be in school and I'll have so much time to myself. Buaa haa haa!

  6. The crew of a movie I once worked on used to semi-joke about, "Hurry up and wait." Before shooting could begin, everyone had to be gathered on site by a specific time. Then they waited until it was their turn to 'do their thing'.

    We face the same phrase and situation, rushing to make deadlines and then waiting for feedback and results. We don't have control over that, we do have control over how we spend the waiting time. I'd choose to lose myself in more writing, or maybe even catch up on some of the things that had been neglected.

    This week I'm back to being immersed in my ms again, which is a good thing since I've been sidetracked (in a good way, of course) by Easter things. I haven't picked up a lot of speed, but it feels good to be back at it.

    Happy writing! Carol

  7. I'm waiting for Saturday morning, so I can start writing a new book. Ack! O_o