Sunday, May 25, 2014

It's Moving Week!

This week I'll be even less active than I have been of late! The time has come again for the Holmbergs to move!

Not to Utah, as I previously assumed, though with luck that move will come this fall. (Because everyone wants to move more than once in a four-month period!)

For now, we're shipping off to eastern Idaho while Husband does an internship. And it's a good internship, too, so s'all good.

I'm just excited to again be close to this place. (They really should be on Cupcake Wars.*)

I was really excited to use Upack this time around--you load up a trailer and they drive it for you. Delicious. But it seems that, with the way our plans are working, it's Uhaul again for us. With a BABY. That's gonna be super fun.

Looking forward to going to the Writers for Life writing workshop with my real-sister and agent-sister. Then I'll be back in Utah for WesterCon first week of July!

Any of you movers and shakers going anywhere exciting?

*I watch WAY too much of this show.


  1. I want that Bonnie Bean cupcake! It looks sooo good. Good luck w/the move- hopefully the rumble of the Uhaul will put baby girl right out! =) And last but not least, have fun at your events!

  2. Yea, I'm never moving again unless the company pays to move me. Sixteen years of marriage, a full house, and two kids. We have way too much stuff. Actually, a move might help me throw a bunch of things away.

    1. Good luck, though! I'm glad it's a good internship and hope everything goes smoothly for you!

  3. Oy. You'll survive. It's no fun traveling with a baby, though. And moving house, to boot? Ay caramba!

    You'll learn real quick which baby things you can make do without and which ones you can't. ;)

  4. Are you moved into your new place yet??? How do you like it? How did the Uhaul go? Miss you guys!


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