Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Short Story in Deep Magic Ezine (October 2016)

The next issue of Deep Magic comes out in a week, and yours truly has a short story in it!

The story, "Salt and Water," is the same that was in the My Bloody Valentine anthology, which is no longer available. The new an improved version will be released in the above issue. There will also be an interview with the best literary agent in the world--Marlene Stringer.

Check it out!


Special note: I'm much better at posting updates about books, appearances, and fun tidbits on my Facebook page, so if you're looking for those, head over there!


  1. Congrats Charlie. I got Followed by Frost on audiobook recently and did the first hour. It's really good and I can see why people enjoy audio books now. :)

  2. So, I'm 2 months late reading this (because I follow you on Facebook), but THANK YOU for putting this story out there in an available format. Seriously, I was debating leaning on the in-law relationship to see if you would get me a copy to read. Now I can get it on my Kindle. I know what I'm reading next!


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