Saturday, November 14, 2009

About this Blog

I figured it’s about time I start my first, themed blog. To me, a blog has always been an online diary, a place to vent and rant and expose the goings-on of my life to friends, family, and especially-bored internet junkies. I keep both a private and a public blog—I vomit whatever musings I so desire on my private one (for the enjoyment of close friends), then edit out the embarrassing stuff for public viewing. I jump around a lot, as I’ve been told. I spend one or two sentences per topic, and most posts cover a large range of topics. But hey, it’s my blog, so I can jump if I want, right?

But! No jumping shall be done here. This page is all about one thing: writing. Writing, my true passion in life. My love and my dreams. My inspiration and aspiration. This blog will be dedicated to writing in general, as well as my own trials and challenges with the written world. Stay tuned—hopefully I’ll conjure up something decent.

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