Friday, July 27, 2012

FOLLOWED BY FROST Complete! (And Link Blitz)

Wednesday, July 25, I finished my sixth novel, FOLLOWED BY FROST. :)

This is my first Young Adult book, my first 1st-person POV novel, and the first thing I've ever written for a female audience (as opposed to both genders).

I also broke two personal records! Fastest draft and most words written in one day.

Previously, CITY OF TEETH had been my fastest draft at two months. I finished FOLLOWED BY FROST in 29 days.*

Previously, my highest word count for one day was 7,000. To finish FOLLOWED BY FROST, I wrote 9,000 words on Wednesday. Still not sure how I did that one. Hopefully the pacing in the last four chapters isn't horrid...

I didn't put together much of a soundtrack for this one, but I was inspired in part by this song:

So there you have it! I've shipped off my draft to alpha readers. If you read or write YA, and you wouldn't mind beta-reading for me (I'm a little out of my element), please drop me a note! :)

Onto the blitz!

Writer's Potpourri:

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Other Babble:

Happy Mail Sign-up! (A great idea from Juliana L. Brandt if you want some extra encouragement in your writing!)

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*Granted, FBF is also almost 20,000 words shorter...


  1. guh, i need your sense of motivation. XD

  2. Congratulations Charlie! That's exciting.

  3. Gracious! Did you write that book or dictate it?? Either way, congrats!!

    Thanks for getting me distracted by the funnies over at Very funny.

  4. Dayam! I am officially impressed, Charlie :) You should post on your fast-drafting techniques.

  5. :-0 Wow!!! If I do 7000 words in a month, I'm happy...

  6. I'm with Annalisa. Just wait till you've got kids. The word count will go down the toilet. XD

    That said, this is probably the best work I've seen from you so far, and the first I'd call a page-turner.