Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Out of Space and Finishing a Draft

I have officially run out of places to staple my rejection letters.

And this is only one side of my cubicle...

Perhaps it's fortunate that I'll be moving in two weeks, and will then have a larger space to hang these...

In other news, I'm finishing my draft of FOLLOWED BY FROST this week! That means I finished a book in one month, which beats my past record of two. (Granted, this is a little shorter than CITY OF TEETH.)

Have you guys seen the cover for SHARDS & ASHES? I'm crazy about it because it totally matches my WIP:

So I pinned it to my inspiration board, an idea I got from Lisa Ann Chickos (and if you don't follow her, you should!)


  1. Woohooo! So stoked you have your inspiration board now, and congrats on finishing your FOLLOWED BY FROST draft! How many words is this one? One month is absolutely astonishing!

    BTW, I could probably wallpaper a room with my rejections... ;)

  2. Where are you moving to?

    Are you still querying City of Teeth. I still want to read it... ;)

  3. Save all those letters so you can laugh about them once you're a famous author. Meh...their loss... :P

    The second image is blank. Poo.

    You're stories sound interesting from the titles alone. :)

    1. Yikes! Hopefully that image is working now! Thanks!

  4. You've got a lot of wasted space there. Just overlap them so only the words show, then you'll clear up plenty of space for more! :) Good luck with everything, and I silently hate you right now. I'll never be able to finish a novel in a month, but congrats!