Monday, September 10, 2012

New Project: Book #7... YA Horror?

As of today I am resurrecting my daily word count!

It's always weird to go back to drafting after months of revisions, but I'll get the hang of it. I'm hoping all this unemployed-glory-free-time will mean lots more words per day.

As you can see by my progress bar, I don't have a title for this book yet. (Progress bars to the right and down a bit. You will also notice that a friend of mine fixed the awkward spacing.) I'm also doing a little genre hopping again. The YA trap is still set on my foot,* so it's another YA, but I may be adventuring into horror. (Otherwise this will be more post-apocalyptic, because those are SO ORIGINAL right now...)

I'm listening to a lot of heavy metal and rock and otherwise dark music prepping for this one. Here, let me share:

(Ignore the anime pictures on this one...)

Do any of you guys genre-hop, or do you stay pretty straight n' narrow? What projects are you working on?

*I actually have a nearly completed outline for an epic fantasy, but at the last minute my brain sort of re-geared for this project. Too bad; the main character in that one was a big black man in a loin cloth. Can't go wrong there. :)


  1. That's NuMetal. Get your genres right. XD

    When I wrote Death's Aria I listed to loads of gothic metal to get into the mood. When I wrote half it was mostly old metal like Slayer with a few modern stuff like Opeth.

    Maybe I just figured out why all my books are so dark...

    Good luck with your new novel! You know what I'm writing. :P

  2. I'm definitely a genre hopper. I love post-apoc. Good luck with the new manuscript!

  3. thank you charlie for sticking that image of a black man in a loin cloth in my head. XD have you seen that commercial for geico with the black muscle builder directing traffic? yeah, that guy, in a loin cloth. i'm disturbed now.

  4. I genre-hop a lot because I happen to read and enjoy books from many different genres. Joining a neighborhood book club really helped me to expand my horizons and pick up books I ordinarily wouldn't read. While sci-fi/fantasy will always be my heart-and-soul, I have future plans for historical fiction, slice-of-life, and perhaps even a mystery novel in the (really, really distant) future. Also, I have a non-fiction book in the works for teaching Japanese to self-study learners.

    Now if only I can get my first book done and out!

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  6. As a reader, I enjoy more than one genre, though I do prefer one specific kind more than others.
    As a writer, I write in only one genre, but I write both YA and adult...
    I love post-apocalyptic, so great luck with your new MS.