Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Idaho Baking Frenzy

This may come as a surprise to you, but there's not that much to do in Moscow, Idaho.

Well, there are a few things, like the farmers' market. But once you've done the few things, there isn't much left to do in Moscow, Idaho.

Given this, I found myself facing two choices: buy Netflix or bake.

For the sake of money and an attempt to decrease the amount of time I spend in front of a screen, I've chosen baking.

I am going to get really fat really fast here, guys.

So what have a made?

Flatbread and hummus!

I'm getting really good at this one. The husband is, too.

Chocolate coffee cake!

Okay, I technically made it with Pero.
Y'know, because I'm LDS and we don't drink coffee.
(I forgot to take a picture of the actual cake.)

Pasta! Like homemade pasta! With a pasta press!

Look Ma! I finally used it!

And the coolest thing I've probably ever baked in my life...

Bacon hazelnut cupcakes with maple amaretto frosting.

That's right, I CANDIED BACON.
You do not want to know how much butter went into this recipe. It goes against everything I stand for.

Tomorrow: Chocolate Madelines. Do I have the pan for it? Nope. But it's chocolate, so a pan ain't gonna stop me.

Maybe next week I'll try that Coca-cola cake.

What's in your oven? Anything I should try?


  1. Oh God, those cupcakes look incredible! <3 I'm still not sure I understand the concept of candied bacon, but I seem to be seeing it a lot lately - so it can't be that bad lol!

  2. I miss baking. My son is allergic to dairy and eggs so no baked goods for us.

    1. I just attacked your blog with information on the wonder of flax meal. :)

  3. English muffins! They're delicious, and they don't have nearly as much butter as you put in your cupcakes. Also, y'know, if you want to test recipes for me for that book I'm putting together, all you have to do is volunteer ... ;-)

  4. I'm glad you're using your free time to explore bacon pastries. That's a life well spent. :)

  5. How about you work on your sewing? Or Japanese? I'm glad the gardening season is just about over, so I can get back to those things myself. And writing, XD.