Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Sexy Commission for ECS


Remember my artsy friend, Sara Radice (AKA "Nurt")? The one who did this and this and this?

Well she did another commission for me. And I love it.

This picture is of Crow and Chunhua, the two protagonists from EMPIRE OF CRANES AND SPIDERS.*


It's my desktop background. I just like staring at it. Mmmmm. :) The detail is amazing too. Feel free to compliment it in the comments. :)

You can find Sara's Deviantart page here, and her prices are more than reasonable if you're interested in commissioning her. :)

*My husband thinks I should rename the book "The Crane and the Crow." Thoughts? (Probably won't happen, but I'm curious.)


  1. She's very talented! Very nice pic.

  2. Very sexy! Titles are tricky. Hope all is going great with you. ^_^

  3. The picture looks great! I would say no to the rename though because it's not as nicely parallel as "Empire of Cranes and Spiders". His name is Crow, but hers isn't Crane...that would be weird.

  4. I like to test my titles with a description on several facebook friends before settling. I LOVE deviantart for finding talented artists! I could serious (and do) sit and browse for hours. (So not a healthy use of time.) ;)

  5. It's dreamy for sure! And I like your original title better.

  6. I do love this picture. There is so much emotion captured in it. Nicely done!!

  7. Sexy and beautifully done. I have to check out this artist. Keep your title but your husband's idea is a close second.

  8. AND the pict looks like it could be a really cool stained glass piece (if one were super talented at stained glass.)

    I like your husband's title b/c I feel uncertain about how to pronounce "Chunhua" but I seem to be in the minority.


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