Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Character Commission: Lanterne

10 more days until I meet with my writing group and collect all the revisions I'll need for City of Teeth. I'm excited! Still plunking away at my side projects, and wondering what on earth I'll write for book #6. I have a few ideas, but are they the right ones? Maybe if I could pull my head out of The Wheel of Time for two seconds I could actually outline something.*

In the meantime, my wonderful friend Sara sent me a commission of Lanterne, the protagonist in City of Teeth. I LOVE IT. As you should, too.


This alone is getting me pumped up for the long stream of edits I'll be making on the story. :)

*After a weekend of reading, my husband finally came to me Sunday night to tell me I was neglecting him. I felt so bad. ><


  1. That picture is rad, it would look even cooler if she had some teeth coming out of her knuckles or knees.

  2. That is the coolest picture I have seen in a while.


  3. YAY to the character picture!! Isn't that amazing to see your imagination on paper? Hope it keeps your story flying.

  4. Isn't that the curse of a good book? It grips you and entertains you and keeps you wanting more...but completely pulls away your creative energy into someone else's universe. That bothers me on a regular basis. Nice picture!