Friday, March 16, 2012

Link Blitz

Things are getting a little crazy in the world of Charlie. I've decided to put my side project up in the current works side bar, though I'm not entirely sure how dedicated I am to it. If nothing else, it's practice (and helps me maintain a daily word count). Come April, I'll be cranking out revisions to CITY OF TEETH.

Meanwhile, I will need to be job hunting. Well, soon. I'm the sort of person that, when something needs doing, I prefer to do it right away. I don't like it looming. But seeing as I won't be moving to said place* where I need to find a job until August (possibly July), it's a little early to send in resumes. Ask me if that's driving me crazy. (Answer: yes.)

Onto the blitz!

Writer's Potpourri:

March Madness: It's Not Me, It's You

5 Tips for Writing Prequels or Side Stories

Writing Toward Your Midpoint

A Lesson in "Don't Write to the Trend"

To Tell or Not to Tell: Should You Spill the Plot Beans in Your Query Letter?

Switching Agents within an Agency

Expert Tips on Writing Sensory Details in Setting & Description

Other Babble:

Contest: Win a Free Headshot (For Utahns or those visiting Utah in the next year)

2-liter Flower Paintings (I thought these looked cool)

*I know where we're moving, but Husband refuses to actually hit the red button on it yet...


  1. Ooo. Great links!

    And I can't wait to hear where you're moving!

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