Friday, August 24, 2012

Link Blitz

I can't remember the last time I got to sleep in every day of the week, and for three weeks!

Yep, still on the unemployment wagon, but at least I can see what it feels like to be a full-time author during my empty days. And hey, I got my FBF revisions done in a week, so that's something! Waiting back on beta readers for that one, and excited to query. Very excited, actually. I feel really good about this one.

Started outlining book seven, or what will hopefully be book seven. I feel like "gods" are starting to be overdone in fantasy, but hopefully my spin will be a little different. :)

Writer's Potpourri:

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Other Babble:

Photographer Caleb Charland Wires Apple Trees, Fruit Baskets and Stacked Coins to Create Alternative Batteries

Why the Blank Do We Cuss?

And, because I have a slight, unhealthy obsession with the Korean pop group KARA, you have to watch their newest single:


  1. Sometimes it feels like a long time waiting for beta readers to finish. Preps one to wait for responses from agents/editors :)

  2. I miss sleeping in! Congrats on the new book. I hope the querying goes well.

  3. Sleeping in is the best thing ever. EVER.

  4. Thanks for the links, Charlie, especially the interesting one about cussing. I've been struggling with that one because I have a character (YA manuscript) who wants to cuss. I struggle with whether I should let him since I TRY not to do it myself. :)

    1. I've got the same issue going on. While I'm not a huge fan of cussing, it does seem, to a point, necessary to pull off a convincing character, especially if that character's a teenaged boy.