Friday, October 12, 2012

Link Blitz

I've had some bits of good news this week that have really lifted my spirits--a big writing ego-boost and a much-needed financial blessing. :) The Big Guy is looking out for me.

In other awesome news, I finished my seventh novel, THE TASTE OF ANGELS, last night. More on that Monday. :D

Writer's Potpourri:

5 Things a Writer Can Do to Evolve

10 Tips for Generating Killer Science Fiction Story Ideas

Teachers Write: Nurturing Creativity

Selling Our Books on Social Media--Don't Be a Personal Space Invader

Writing Crutches: Gestures

What to Do When Your Agent Quits 

Other Babble:

Big Bird Responds to Mitt Romney on Saturday Night Live


  1. So glad you were able to complete your novel and you received that blessing you needed. And here you are, doing your part to be one by sharing helpful links. Woot!

  2. I thought the "gestures"/dialogue tags link very interesting. I wonder, though, if writing in the middle-reader or YA category handicaps your diction? When you're writing from the perspective of an average, modern American teenager, chances are pretty good that "fancy vocabulary" (which used to be known as plain English to anyone with a semi-decent education) will be a turnoff to readers. I skimmed through several popular YA novels to see what the variation in dialogue tags was, and the common ones (ask, said, told, replied, etc.) seemed the most prevalent. *sigh* So many perfectly beautiful, poignant words in the English language, but younger readers understandably get annoyed if they have to consult the dictionary every other paragraph.

    You should do a blog post on this. Should writers "dumb down" their vocabulary in order to appeal to our texting, English-challenged next generation? Or are we (read "I") as writers just not being creative enough in appealing to them?

    One thing I've learned from my current WIP (YA urban fantasy/adventure)...for sure I'm not going to be writing much YA in the future!