Monday, October 15, 2012

THE TASTE OF ANGELS Finished... ish.

(Scroll to the bottom of this post to see the CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL giveaway winner!)

Okay, this is embarrassing.

Remember that time I was worried CITY OF TEETH would be too short? And I ranted about it for a couple of weeks and then it was just fine?

Well, this time the book actually WAS too short. Whoops.

In fact, it's so short that I don't really want to tell you how many words it is! Let's just say I need another 11k before my query will even begin to be taken seriously. (And no, I have no desire to market it as a novella.)

If THE TASTE OF ANGELS were an epic fantasy, it wouldn't be too hard to add in another plot line or something. But it's YA, and I only have one person's point of view, and I'm not sure how to increase the word count without bogging down the story. Maybe I won't. Who knows?

This is also the book that I can't quite settle on a genre for. HURRAY. I AM SO PROFESSIONAL. (Crossing fingers that alpha readers will solve all my problems.)

BUT, the first draft is done! And I think I'm okay putting this one to the side and letting it marinate while I move onto my next project! I decided to take a drastic turn with my next story (that almost changes all of it) Thursday night, and I have most of my outline completed. I'm super excited for this project.*


Two books of YA were enough for me! I'm goin' back to my roots. (And it will be glorious.)

I'll stop talking now and get to the important stuff.

The winner of the CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL: THE POWER OF POSITIVE book is: J.L. Campbell.

Congratulations! Linda will be sending you the book soon. :)

*Initially this book was going to be YA and have the title THE HEARTS OF SPIDERS, but now with my audience and plot change, I don't think that title fits anymore. Working title is EMPIRE OF CRANES AND SPIDERS.


  1. I wish I was more flexible and able to work on multiple projects at once. I tend to be a stick to it until it's done writer. I think being able to put it aside and work on something else would give me better perspective.

  2. I'm weird about this whole novel length thing. One of my favorite books is The Driver's Seat. It's 125 pages of pure awesome and the length fits the story. Maybe yours is the same.

  3. Congrats on getting the draft done! I'd say that's good progress. Congrats also to J.L.!

    Happy Monday! :)

  4. Don't sweat it. I always write short first drafts and plump later. My last adult novel was 10k short on the first draft. I was able to add it in during edits without adding just to add. Just identify what you want to layer on and it'll add up pretty quickly I bet.