Thursday, June 3, 2010

Layout Change

Per comment, I've changed up the layout of my blog. And while my publication class is still yelling at me in the back of my mind (Black on white is optimum contrast! How dare you!), I actually really like this layout. Hopefully this is better than the obtrusive notebook lines. :D

Random: 1,300 word count today.

Quote of the day*:

She nodded, then caught the meaning behind his question. “Take with you? What do you mean? You’re leaving?”

His countenance fell. “I am, as soon as possible.”

-The Raimos, Chapter 10

EDIT: Having problems with comment box. Will fix soon.

*Stolen from Nathan.


  1. This current layout is quite nice--I was a bit worried when this alien planet layout showed up on your site. (That one was just too busy--almost as busy as Joe's! This new one's much easier on the eyes.)
    My only suggestion is I'd like the text in your blog posts to be black, so it's easier to read. Other than that I like the subdued coloring for this layout.

  2. Almost as busy as mine, eh? You've got a problem with my layout? ;)

    Anyways, yeah, I like this one a lot better.