Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The First Time I'm Tempted to Destroy My Kindle Is Whilst Reading My Own Book

I'm 25% through reading TDSF, and wow, was I surprised. My pacing for the first five or six chapters is horrendous. So fast! And I keep seeing small inconsistencies or ghastly metaphors, and all I want to do is open my computer and CHANGE IT.

I keep reminding myself that the revisions will happen, and that I can fix everything and make it shiny and new, all in due time. I must read the whole book first. Then fix and cut scenes. Prose comes at the end.


I dedicated a good chunk of time to reading yesterday, but I didn't make it to the end because my MS and I were in such a tiff I had to leave the room. Serious frustration, there. I almost don't want to pick it up again, but I know I must if I'm to get anywhere with this story.

Sigh. My life is SO hard. /sarcasm

Anyway, outside of my wallowing, does anyone know any good review blogs for epic fantasy novels? I started following a few, only to discover the majority of them did nearly all YA. (Not that I didn't like The Hunger Games, but I want to read what I write, and the last YA book I picked up I hated.)

So, suggestions muchos welcome. :D

Meanwhile, I'm waiting for Blackdog to ship to my local library...


  1. Now you know what you put us through.

  2. Sorry, Charlie. It'll get better, I promise. ;-)

    In other news, I just finished Blackdog today at lunch. If you were more local to me, I could be your library. Too bad you're too far away . . .

  3. Ah! I want to read it! How was it?

  4. If you want to make edits so badly, why not make some edits? ._. I don't understand this need to read the whole thing through first.

  5. Because I've never re-read any of it. XD

  6. Charlie - I liked it! I'll be putting a review up on my blog when I can, after I've had more than a few hours to stew about it. And the review won't go up for a couple weeks because my blog is scheduled a few weeks out and I have two reviews waiting in the wings already. (Since I found time to read for fun, I seem to be finishing books all the time!)

    Cholisose - Better to have an idea of the grand scheme of things before fiddling, or the changes you make might not be ideal in the big picture. Best to make notes and get an idea of what's going on in the book as a whole.

  7. It can't be THAT bad...

    Good call not reading it until it's done. It'll look better then. Reread once, make a few edits, then write the next one: That's my advice.

  8. isn't a review-specific site, but they do review scifi and fantasy. Every once in a while it's epic. There was a review not long ago for The Black God's War... an epic fantasy inspired by the Illiad.

    My copy of Blackdog is waiting for me to pick it up at B&N. Hope It's as good as Lou says!

  9. Ha Ha Kristy, I'm venting over TDSF, not Weirs. But thank you so much. XD

    And thanks for the tips/site, guys!

  10. I don't understand your response, Charlie. What do you mean you haven't "re-read" it? And what does that have to do with not wanting to edit anything?

  11. If you keep up on doing critiques yourself, you can get readers for novels on Critters. You ask for dedicated readers because you can't post a whole novel in one week. Never done it though, so don't know how many you would get.

    Hang in there, it can't be all bad and soon you can start having fun with it again!

  12. That's not a bad idea, Chuck, reading your book off your Kindle. Unless I print the whole dang book out to read, I would be too tempted to fix things as I go. Mayhaps I can borrow your Kindle when my book is done...?

    (though yeah, I know, I should just go buy my own...Christmas is coming up, yo.) ^_^

  13. Nick--I wrote it all on one go, never looking back. So I want to read it in its whole form before I start adding and chopping!

    Eileen--I've heard about Critters (mostly from you, ha), but I've yet to check it out...

    Danny--Over my dead body. Har har. Just kidding. But I've seen my nieces' cereal messes and I would greatly fear for Flo...


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