Wednesday, December 19, 2012


My baby sister is turning 18 on the 30th, and she wants a Hunger Games-themed birthday party.

My other younger sister and I are in charge of it.

I've been able to find a lot of ideas, especially on Pinterest (You can see my board here.) The party will probably be about five hours, and we have to decorate a church gymnasium to look something like a forest. (I'm using paper. Lots and lots of paper.)

The BEST idea I found via my online search was a tracker-jacker pinata:


There's also an official Hunger Games cookbook, so we might be pulling some recipes from that.

Overall, we'll have "training" tables for archery, fire-building, and camouflage, followed by the actual "Hunger Games," where the party guests will scramble for supplies (which will save them from random events that could cause death, such as hypothermia), play at an edible food wheel, shoot down parachutes from sponsors, locate a hiding person/object to "kill" them (Not your grandma's birthday party...), swing at the tracker jacker nest, and then have the "final battle" for anyone who hasn't metaphorically died during the party. (We're going to play a game where guests tuck a cloth into their back pockets and have to try to steal the cloth from others before their own is taken. The last one standing wins the Hunger Games and the grand prize, which MIGHT be a paperback copy of the trilogy. I'm not sure yet.)

ANYWAY, any ideas, thoughts, or tips for the party are greatly appreciated. It will be slightly on the extravagant side, so please wish us luck!


  1. What you are looking at and shared thus far is beyond anything I would have thunk up. Sounds like baby sis is going to have the b-day party that will become part of legends and lore :-)

  2. Oh wow, this is an amazing idea for a party! Good luck, I'm sure it will go really well :)

  3. Sounds like it'll be quite the party! And your sister and I *almost* share the same birthday. Happy birthday to her and Merry Christmas to you all!

  4. Not your grandma's birthday party, indeed! I'm sure she will have lots of fun, and you will go down as the greatest big sister ever. :)

  5. Great idea for a party! Have fun! :D