Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The decision has been made.

AKA I’ve been focusing on CSH revisions for the last 24 hours.

I think they’re coming along nicely. Lots of changes to make, including creating a new character sheet for a minor character I actually have to explain. When? I dunno. I have a lot of time and effort to pour into this. Rewriting/tweaking the outline right now. Lots of red comments.

And shhh… quiet. You’ll wake The Raimos. (AKA IT IS SLEEPING RIGHT NOW.)

Excerpt of the day, subject to change during revisions:

Flad snarled and leapt from the shadows, dashing down the left hall, feeling the light of the lanterns on his back. I have time, he thought. For that bastard, I have all the time in the world.*
Circus Soul Heiress, chapter 1


*Disclaimer: Flad swears more than Esrov does. o.O;

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