Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Story Vomit

Good news. Today I briefly reflected on The Raimos, and I felt a lot better about it.

This is a good sign.

A bad sign would be how I forgot it existed the other day. I was listing the books I’d written/started to write, and I completely blanked it. Ha… ha…

Anyway, I have hopes that I will return to that story someday. Perhaps when I finish Weirs, I’ll finish the TR rough draft, then do revisions for Weirs. Then have both for WorldCon!

Good plan? Let’s hope so. Meanwhile, my first draft synopsis for CSH is three pages long. I think I have to get it down to two. ;_;

P.S. The Nelson Literary Agency is definitely on top of things. They rejected me in less than a week. :D


  1. We will celebrate your rejection with okonomiyaki and melon pan. Defeat never tasted so good. ^_^

  2. Greetings! I wanted to come say "hi" to another spec fic author-in-the-making. Congrats on getting a novel to the point of being able to submit it. I just started my first novel a few months ago, and it has been interesting moving away from the short form. I invite you to come visit Science Fiction Mommy sometime. Your blog is a lot more focused than mine, but I have two topics: writing and parenting. Best of luck with your writing!