Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rejection Mean I’m Closer to Being Published

I’ve sent out a number of query letters for CSH; still waiting to hear back on two of them. I admit, at one point in time, I had hopes that CSH could be the story that got me published, assuming I wrote it the way I envisioned it. Before I started querying, however, I had my doubts. As I think I’ve mentioned before, the prose just isn’t up to par—not for an adult novel. Those of you who have read my MS can probably attest to that. I default to a YA writing style, so if I’m not really thinking about it,* I end up with YA prose.

ANYWAY. I like CSH, though I don’t think it’s publishable. Not yet. So in come the rejections. But rejections are good, because they mean I’m closer to being published. I think just about every published author has a stack of rejection letters at home. It’s like an unspoken requirement. So until I get that stack, I won’t get published. I must earn my stack! (Yes, you’re supposed to watch the video. Here’s a shout out to Leading Edge, who has a cameo in it.)

My rejection letter from Sara Megibow is up on my cubicle wall. Caitlin Blasdell’s is on its way to the printer, and Eddie Schneider’s** is at home—hopefully I’ll remember to bring it in tomorrow.

Cheers. ;)

Excerpt of the day:

She leaned against the bedpost and raised a delicate eyebrow. “You charm me, Uzelle.”

The Luminus closed the door behind him, locking it. “I do try.”

Weirs, chapter 6

*I don’t think about it about 95% of the time, ha. Which is one reason I want to try my hand at a YA after I finish Weirs.
**I actually didn’t query him, I queried Joshua Bilmes. Eddie’s the one who replied, oddly enough. He asked to see my MS, then rejected my promptly. ^_^

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  1. I declare this a competition; I bet I can get more rejection letters. :P