Friday, December 31, 2010

The Sanderson Plan

Finally finished chapter nine—I’m thinking eight and nine will need the most work in this novel, since they’re a little choppy. Hurray for that.

In other news, Sanderson’s class starts in less than a week! The room is always overflowing with auditors the first few weeks, so I hope I can get a seat without having anyone save one for me. Seat savers drive me a little crazy, especially when there’s a full house. I plan on going to work an hour earlier (yeesh) so I can leave by four, hopefully beat rush hour traffic, and make it to class early enough to get a decent spot. It’s a 40 minute drive assuming there are no slowmos or rubberneckers* on the freeway. I need to find a carpool buddy, but not until February.

Why, you ask? Because my wonderful husband got me a few private clogging lessons** for Christmas, and I managed to work them out to be right after Sanderson’s class, since the studio is in Orem. Extra trips make Charlie’s gas bill cranky. So I’ll need a carpool buddy once those are over. If I can’t find one, I guess I’ll just go to Leading Edge afterward and then sing really loud in the car on the drive back.

Now I’m off to play my new sheet music—100 Years, Total Eclipse of the Heart, and Bohemian Rhapsody.

Excerpt of the day+:

Smiling, she clasped his hands tightly. “So romantic, Uzelle. How does your wife let you go?”

“She has enough to take care of,” he said, taking a sip of water with his free hand.

Weirs, chapter 9

*Another pet peeve of mine.
**Yes, I clog. Think what you will.
+I’m thinking it might be more entertaining to start posting excerpts from really old work (like fanfiction!) of mine. Painful, but hilarious. Not that any of you read these anyway. XD


  1. If you remind me about it on Thursday, I'll try to check the room number for any changes and get there early the first day. Then I'll save you a seat!

  2. Are you taking the class then, Chuck? You're still attending BYU as a grad student?