Sunday, January 2, 2011

Writing Goals-ish

I don't make New Year resolutions. Never have, never will. But since goals seem to be going around the blog circuit, I figured I'll share with you the ones I already have. :D

-Book Hoard. I'm not as well-read as I'd like to be, especially in my genre. I want to sound smart by WorldCON

-Have Weirs + one other novel finished and ready to go by WorldCON.

-Submit my tail off. I'm putting more effort into it this time around. Hopefully I'll write something I personally think is worth publishing--I'll be more gung-ho about submitting that way.

-DO SOMETHING WITH THE RAIMOS. Either finish it, rewrite it, or scrap it. This book is being a pain in the A.

-Write more short stories. No, I don't have a number of how many. It'll be a surprise.

-Network. For reals. Also, bribe Sanderson into giving my final back. It's only been, like, a year. :P

I also plan to go to LTUE, CONduit, and WorldCON, which is more cons than I've ever attended in a year. LTUE costs money this year, though students get in free. While I'm no longer a student, I do have a current ID card. I may or may not be using this to my advantage.

Excerpt of the day:

(This is an excerpt from a novel I wrote when I was 15, I think. And by novel I mean I got two chapters in and moved onto something else.)

Sorvaan wanted Thella to have the old piano in the attic tuned, since some of the keys were a bit off. She also wanted some of the scratches on its rustic black surface smoothed out and the loose leg on the right secured, but her mother had always refused. To Thella, the piano was a useless, noisy item that took up room in the house--an ugly scrap of scenery that dissuaded her eldest daughter from doing useful things with her talents.

But to Sorvaan, the piano was gold. It was her gold. It was a piece of work unlike any other, a sound more clear than the strings of a violin and more flowing than the notes of a flute. Her particular one did get shrill on the higher notes, but it still sounded decent.

Sorvaan's Keys, chapter 1

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  1. Good goals, and good luck!

    Don't you just love looking through old, unfinished fiction from your youth?! :)