Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Poem is Called Aeos

So issue 60 of The Leading Edge is out, and I have a dinky poem in it. This is pretty much the most advertising I’ll be doing for it—the art is pretty swanky, though.

As for your comment, Nick, I guess you’ll have to volunteer to alpha read in order to find out, eh? XD

Excerpt of the day:

“There’s something inside of me?” asked Kitsy, rubbing her chest. “How come I can’t feel it?”
Weirs, chapter 17


  1. Nice. I've always wanted to get back into writing poetry, which I did a lot of in highschool. It seems when I start, I either use way too much rhyme and meter for modern tastes, or it just turns into a surreal fantasy narrative.

  2. I'm the exact same way--I did a ton in high school, but it's faded out. Though it still drives me up a wall when someone write a metered poem but the meter is off. XD

  3. No Charlie, you just need to work on your synopses! There were too many unclear antecedents, or something along those lines.
    I'll probably read the book REGARDLESS, though.