Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So I received an email today regarding Inscape, a creative writing magazine sponsored by BYU. According to said email, Inscape is now accepting submissions from “BYU alumni and non-BYU students.” Interpret as you will, but I believe that means “everyone.”

I’m pretty sure Inscape isn’t super fantasy/sci-fi friendly—they’ll most likely divert you to The Leading Edge if you write in those genres. But anything else, including magical realism (I’m sure), should be okay. If you want to learn more about it, you can check out

Excerpt of the Day. I’m the one with the guitar.* This was taken a couple years back. Setting: Linguistics class at BYU. My friend Jessica sang because singing is something I don’t do well. :D

*Unfortunately, this is the fullest extent of my feeble guitar skills.


  1. Strikes me that "BYU alumni & non-BYU students" would preclude non-college students unless they graduated from BYU. It also seems to leave out BYU students themselves, but that's probably an error.

    I'll vote in your test poll, at least. It seems to work.