Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blackmore's Night

So I discovered Blackmore’s Night via Pandora (Renaissance station). I love their music, though I haven’t listened to all their songs yet. Ghost of a Rose is on my soundtrack for Weirs, as is Shadow of the Moon.


Excerpt a la day:
(This is from a story I’ve mentioned a few times on here—The Prayer of Haradis*, which was almost my first novel, but I crapped out right at the end. I think I wrote this roughly three years ago. . .)

As Fayf wakened, the room around her spun. She felt drowsy, like her blood had become syrup. A loud drum sounded close to her; it took a moment before she realized it was her own pulse.

She tried to move, and instantly a stiff, raw pain coursed through her chest. She blinked stale tears from her eyes and looked at the red, bleeding brand over her right breast. It felt like it was on fire.

“Good morning, Darling.”

It was the voice of the Duke. With the greatest care Fayf turned her head to the side, trying not to stretch the wound. He stood with a smirk planted under his mustache, leather gloves clasped together in front of him.

The Prayer of Haradis (which wasn’t segregated into chapters. Weird, I know.)

*This is actually a romantic fantasy, a little outside my norm. Go figure.

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