Monday, January 24, 2011

LTUE and the Super Bowl

LTUE workshops are posted—there are some good ones. I want to sit in on the short story class. I’ll be starting my own around that time, so it will be very helpful. Also need to network—there aren’t a lot of big wigs at LTUE, but I can at least practice. I’m such a wiener when it comes to chatting up important people. I don’t want to annoy them/come off as a fan girl. I hate fan girls.

In other news, I’ll be watching the Super Bowl for the first time ever this year. Namely because my ma-in-law will be making food and I like food. I’ll just have to endure the football* in between commercial breaks. (Here’s hoping for some swanky advertising.)

Excerpt a la day:
(This is from Where Life Was, a book I got about half-way through in high school.)

The sight was still unnerving the second time. The sun was beginning to dip its head over the horizon, letting the blue and yellow glows of Vetorvia shine like fire in the falling twilight. From her place on the ship, Silby could see a vast expanse of the cities, each divided into glass bubbles that shielded them from the outside world—the world she and her companions were now in. It was bare of any wildlife, both animals and vegetation. In the descending dark it was like the night sky: forever endless, but void of any stars.

A mild wind blew, scattering lifeless dust towards the boat. Silby coughed into her sleeve. The air was hard to breathe, here. The journey from her home village was a long one, especially when traveling with a group. Vast marshes and mountainous terrain clogged the land between Fenuar and Vetorvia. It acted as a shield in many ways; it also made travel between the two lands very dangerous. Instead of travailing it, she and her companions had sailed the shallow ocean on covered vessel, a journey that was still risky. For the second time they docked in Vetorvia’s ports, prepared to meet with the king.

Where Lifa Was, chapter 1: The World Beneath the Glass

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  1. We have a superbowl party every year since buying our 56 inch TV--especially since we have a great entertaining space in our basement. I know a lot more about football since I got married than I ever cared to know before, mostly because I can't stand watching something and not knowing what's going on. The commercials are the best part, though.

    p.s. You never defined your footnote for "football."