Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Chainmail Bikini: Female Armor Sucks

I noticed how just about all the art provided for the WorldCon progress reports, while fantastically drawn, presented women in little more than bikinis, including the warrior-types. My friend Adam recently posted his thoughts on such things, along with this amazing video, which sums it up rather beautifully:


  1. Personally, I kind of like em...

  2. That is most excellent. Better armor for women, ARRRR!

    Haha thanks for sharing!

  3. Not to nitpick, but those dudes are not esp. well-armored either. At least PR4 Rogue Female is not wrapped around his leg, rather she's moving to flank, knife in hand, while PR4 Rogue Male leaps directly at the ravenous beastie.

    (This is why communication is important in a combat relationship.)

  4. Ha ha. This is hilarious, in the kind of way that I am actually thinking I want one...just saying.
    Also, I just left you a blog award on my blog because you are uber cool!!!