Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And That is Why We Have Backups

So yesterday I wonked out my flash drive. I accidentally "ejected" the drive while I still had my MS open. Usually, my Mac just tells me I can't eject the drive because Microsoft Word is using it, but that time the Mac (name Blanche) didn't say anything. So I kept working, saving, and had a happy day.

Today, my flash drive decided that my MS was now corrupted and it refused to open it. Fortunately, I had a backup. Yet placing that backup on my flash drive still wouldn't let me open it. But once I renamed it, all was hunky-dory.

So if you don't have backups of your work, make some! I keep my current work on a flash drive (named Molly), a backup in a folder on my desktop, and then I occasionally email my current manuscript to myself to be kept in a folder on Gmail. Takes five seconds.

Backups for the win.

(In other news, my nerd glasses arrived yesterday. And then I found out my pink ones were no longer made. I've sent some panicked emails to the company to see if there are any in backstock, because I must have those pink glasses.)


  1. Nathan saves all of his stuff on Dropbox; that way it is always there on the ethereal cloud. That's another convenient option to back stuff up for those who are too lazy to use flash drives.

  2. I was about to say Dropbox. The best thing about Dropbox is the fact that it also archives the last three versions of any file, so if you accidentally delete everything and hit "save," you can still go back and save it.
    I do double-dip now by putting all my writings in the iCloud as well, but that's just because I'm paranoid.

  3. Yap. Dropbox. After I put one, then two, then three flashdrives through a wash/dry cycle, I went Dropbox. And now, no more problems. Ever.

    Until a terrorist/alien/Chinaranian e-sault brings down the cloud.

  4. Whoo. I use four computers in two different locations and countries. They can't all break/be flooded/explode mercilessly at the same time, right?