Monday, November 8, 2010

Now Featuring: Weirs

So I finally started Weirs! I finished the very short prologue and started chapter 1. So far I’m excited about it, not stressed or worried. That will come on again later, I’m sure. I’m trying to really watch my prose as it comes out of my fingers. I’m not going to slow myself down self-editing, but I want it to sound good. (Rereading it for an excerpt though makes me realize it really isn’t that great. :/)

In other news, it’s absolutely dreary outside, which depresses me beyond degree.


Excerpt of the day:

A tiny, hungry cry echoed through the now-quiet chamber. A Holy Bright, robed in white satin, crossed the room, the demon child in his arms. The thing’s Gloom form looked harmless, but they had all witnessed the transformation yesterday, on the boy’s first birthday. A monster. A demon. A Weir.
Weirs, prologue

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  1. Good luck with your new book. I'm sure it will be epic!

    My reaction to the weather is the exact opposite, though. =] I love the rain! It's so nice and dark out today.