Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Hugo Nominations

Since I attended Renovation (WorldCon) last year, I was able to vote for this year's Hugo nominations. I readily admit that I don't read in every category (especially fanzines), but I wanted to mention a few of the things/people that I think deserve the award.

The #1 person who I want to go home with a Hugo is Raymond Swanland. I didn't know who he was until I read Blackdog, but his art is AMAZING.

Art by Raymond Swanland

Art by Raymond Swanland

Hello? Are we all looking at these?

Just in case, here's another one:

Art by Raymond Swanland
I didn't read a large number of NEW books in 2011, though I hear a lot of people nominated Patrick Rothfuss's The Wise Man's Fear. I nominated the last two books I read in 2011--The Black Prism and The Alloy of Law. (I severely doubt the latter will make the ballot though, just because it's a book #4, but who knows?)

I also nominated Lou Anders for best editor, long form. He won the hugo last year. I've gained a higher appreciation for Pyr over the last six months or so, and have been reading more of their novels (I'm getting toward the end of Shadow's Lure by Jon Sprunk, currently).

With Girl Genius officially withdrawn from the race, Howard Tayler's Schlock Mercenary might stand a chance at winning. But as I have no interest in the story (and therefore have never read more than a few panels), I did not nominate it. Nor did I put my beloved Writing Excuses on the ballot. Just wasn't feeling it.

Unfortunately, as I don't plan to attend WorldCon this year (too expensive... even though I TOTALLY GOT A RAISE YESTERDAY BOOYA), I won't be able to vote for the official nominees. But I shall be watching...


  1. I feel so out of the fantasy loop. I used to read it exclusively and now I'm reading way too much YA. Can you recommend me one of your faves? ...Other than Mr. Sanderson since we seem to have that in common ;)

  2. I nominated Embassytown for best novel, but I'm with you on Raymond Swanland. I saw another cover he did for Pyr (besides Blackdog) that was stellar too. And I put Lou down for best editor.

    I won't be going to WorldCon either, but I might spring for a supporting membership so I can read the nominees and vote for the winners.

  3. Holy crap that is some badass art.