Thursday, February 16, 2012

Someday Stars: Angela Brown

What’s your name, and where are you from?

I am Angela Brown and though I’m originally from Little Rock, AR, I consider myself from “around the way” like the LL Cool J song (yes, I totally wanted to believe that when he mentioned my name in that song, he was talking to me).

How long have you been writing?

Seems I’ve been writing forever. I started in elementary with a gifted and talented class that put together a hodge-podge book of fables and stories. I’ve no idea where I lost that thing. I mostly journaled and did poetry for a while, but came back to story writing around 2001. Been getting much more serious since I attended my first writer’s conference in 2006.

What genre(s) do you write?

My focus is YA fantasy/sci-fi and the wonderful subgenres included.

What’s your current WIP? Can you tell us about it?

Sure. I’d love to. My current WiP is called MINGLED, a YA post-apocalyptic paranormal. Seventeen-year-old Macie is the odd-girl out in the revamped collective of New Festus. Her only true friend is also her big crush, Thane. One evening of breaking the rules brings a demon spawn and rescue by vampire, but her real problems begin when she is selected as a Special, something coveted by all registered citizens, except Macie. See, she has a bone to pick with the whole Special system given her parents were selected and disappeared six years ago. She fears repeating their fate. Little does she know what’s in store for her, the easiest part being she discovers her true fae heritage.

What’s your current day job? How does it help or hinder your writing?

My current paying gig is a time-drain in the telecommunications industry. It pays the bills so I limit my complaints, sort of, sometimes . . . well, not really, but when I pay my rent on time every month I don’t have a complaint about my job. But if I could afford to stay home and write all day, OMG, I would so be on that!!

Who is your favorite author?

Tolkien and Lewis have been battling it out for my fave title. Right now, Lewis is winning. I adore Narnia and everything about it, the idea of being transported to a fantastical place and time. Le sigh.

Favorite book?

The entire Narnia series and LOTR series and Ender’s Game. Sorry, so hard to pick just one lol!!!

What other hobbies or activities do you do outside of writing?

Crikey! Other than taking care of my daughter and reading with all my bookworm might, I’m checking out anime shows. Yes, I said anime lol!!! Don’t know what that is??? Goodness, go check out Bleach or Moribito. You’re missing some good stuff.

What is something unique about yourself?
Hmmmm…something unique about me? That’s a hard question for me. I’m not exactly the best at tooting my own horn. Well, I’ll go with something slightly embarrassing. Ever since I was 13, I would get calls from silly hormonal boys so they could hear my voice. I’ve been told on many occasions that I should be on the radio or doing voice acting as some sexy villainess. Okay, embarrassing moment over now that my cheeks are flaming from blushing.

Do you have a blog, Twitter, and/or Web site we can link to?
Why yes, yes I do. Angela Brown in Pursuit of Publishness is where I chatter with readers and writers three times a week about the happenings of my writing journey, books I read, and other authors I enjoy supporting. I’m @Pearldragonfang on Twitter. My fave hashtag is #writemotivation. Love to the #writemotivation tweeps.

Thank you so much for having me. Still squee-ing because I’m tinkled pink and honored. 


  1. So cool that you have Angela over here, Charlie! I've had the chance to read some of her writing and was blown away. Lots of promise, she has.

    Props for the Ender's Game love. :)

  2. I never thought of it before, but you do have a wonderful speaking voice. I'm not even a hormonal boy. :P

  3. David - OMG! Thanks so much for the writing props. I can feel the blush coming on :-)

    Maria - You are a hoot!!! LOL!!! Too funny. I have a couple of guys at my job who spark up nonsense to gab about just so I say something. Then I end up laughing like a silly girl because I know why they're doing it.

  4. lol!! @ Alex. Yeah, me and anime are dear friends :-)

  5. Angela! You are adorable. I love you and I'm going to follow you now.

  6. Great interview, Angela. I am so thankful I was able to quit my job and write.

  7. Keep going, Angela! You're on your way to being a writer - full time.
    What a great meme, here! Someday Stars...very nice.