Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ideas, Laziness, and Broken Glasses

So I got a pretty good idea for a novel today. It's awesome. IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.

But I want to let it simmer before I tell. (It's either really great or I'm a little crazy.)

Meanwhile I've gone three days without writing--this is unacceptable. I outlined the third take on my opening Weirs chapters on Friday, but I haven't done any actual revising all weekend. I've been busy, but that's a lame excuse. I might do a little tonight so I can claim I only actually went one day doing nothing. (I had a dream about Thade [character] last night, so maybe that's a sign that he's growing impatient.)

Also, my glasses broke yesterday at the gym, which is ironic, since they're the glasses on my business cards. :D I ordered another pair online. (They cost like $20 to get new; $40 to repair. So I'm wearing my old periwinkle ones until they arrive.* All the information you didn't want to know.)

My CONduit registration is ready to mail--they don't do online payments (archaic much?), so I have to mail the check in. Hurray for saving $15. Any of you going to CONduit?

*AKA the glasses in the sidebar picture. (Because you care.)

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