Monday, July 18, 2011

The Wheels are Turning...

I'm gaining some ground on my short story, Piscis, to where the ending is definitely in sight. This story is different from what I usually do, almost in the realm of science fiction, but I really like it thus far. Here's hoping that's a good sign. I've been a Wikipedia-junkie for two weeks; seems I can't write a scene without looking up something about egg colors or the temperature of the Caribbean.

Getting back into my TDSF mode, which is good--I've gotten more positive feedback thus far with this novel than any of my others, which of course makes me feel warm and fuzzy. My husband actually asks to read it instead of me asking him to read it, ha. Need to stay on top of the ball, though. I still have a ways to go, then revise revise revise. There are some parts I need to redo completely, and a lot of cultural aspects I want to insert. But those will have to wait.

Found out this weekend FedEx isn't as expensive for printing as I thought. Thank you, Amy, for guiding me through the process. :D (And for being my cupcake buddy.)

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