Monday, August 15, 2011

Three Chapters Left?

I was looking at my outline for The Day the Sky Fell today and realized I only have about three chapters left to write before this rough draft is done. Three! If I cracked down I could finish this by September (though WorldCon may be distracting...). Three chapters means this book totals at 20 chapters total. Word count... not sure. Assuming each chapter is about 5k, that would put the initial count at 100K. Some chapters are more, some are less. I don't think I have any over 7k, but I don't pay attention enough to know. Won't be sure until I finish the book (because I like being surprised).

So wow. There you go. Maybe I'll put off my Piscis revisions* until this book is done so I can have a project between edits. Then I need to roughly outline books two and three, and start brainstorming the next independent novel (which will NOT be a series. I still strongly support stand-alones.)

Leaving for Reno tomorrow morning at 9:00!

*Got enough feedback (thanks guys!) to rework this story, and decided today to try it in first person. Haven't done first person for a while, but I can handle it. A lot of WotF stories are in first, so maybe this will actually better my chances. Who knows?

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