Friday, August 19, 2011

WorldCon Day 3

Highlight of the day: I got to chat with Lou Anders of Pyr Publishing.

Kristy and I were lucky enough to sign up for his kaffeeklattsch, so we got 50 minutes to sit with him, along with five other people. I got to ask him a lot of questions, and he gave me the email for his assistant and what she specializes in. I really want to send her TDSF, but it's not finished yet, let alone revised, despite being a stronger story. So I had Kristy glance at Weirs (By the way, you can hire her services here) so she could tell me how the prose read. I always get antsy about my prose. She recommended combing through it one last time, but said it read well. SO, I'll have my Piscis rewrite and my Weirs read-through to do once I finish TDSF. All the more reason to finish faster. (Needless to say, WorldCon has taken a chunk out of my writing time.)

ANYWAY. I also got to watch "Whatnot," a puppet show put on by Mary Robinette Kowal and crew. It was very entertaining, and it takes guts to get on stage in a skin-tight white jumpsuit. Very nice.

Attended a panel on the works of agenting and publishing, which went well, and also a pitching panel with Lizzy Shannon, who is delightful. I adored her, though I didn't get a chance to pitch myself. I was so nervous just thinking about it, but I did raise my hand! (Eventually...)

I've met a lot of fellow writers as well--their business cards are busting my Kindle case! Great people. I also befriended new writer Lissa Price, whose book Starters is coming out this March. Check her out, she's super nice.

So day 3 has gone well. Tomorrow is the last day, as we're leaving for Utah Sunday morning. Tomorrow I will be slave to the newsletter staff, have dinner with fellow Utah writers, and attend the Hugo Awards in my snazzy $14 dress. I plan to spend the drive home catching up on my word count. :)

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